Booking Information

After-school Club

Two weeks before each half-term:

  • We will book your child/ren for each week of the half-term on the days and times you have selected
  • You will be notified by email when the bookings are available online for you to view and edit
  • You are responsible for your 'Set days and times' settings - please check and update them as necessary

7 days or more before the day of the booking:

  • You may cancel bookings and will not be charged
  • You may change collection times and cost will increase or decrease as per the standard price list

Within 7 days of the booking:

  • Cancellations are charged in full
  • Earlier collection - cost remains as per the original booking
  • Later collection - cost increases as per the standard price list
  • Additional bookings incur a 5% administration charge

Prices and discounts:

  • To 4:30 pm    £9.95
  • To 5:00 pm    £10.50
  • To 5:30 pm    £11.15
  • To 6:00 pm    £11.95
  • To 6:30 pm    £14.55
  • If you book 2 or more children on the same session a 5% discount applies
  • All chargeable bookings qualify for discount, including late cancellations
  • If your child is sick a 50% discount is applied, after other discounts have been taken into account
  • An invoice will be given to you on the first day of care each week and is due immediately

Online booking restrictions:

  • New bookings must be made by midnight on the previous day
  • Booking changes are allowed until midnight on the previous day
  • If you need to make changes later please call me directly on 07958 666621, email or text
  • To allow time for you to check and correct your changes there is a minimum processing delay of 10 minutes

Pending changes are indicated by the clock symbol     on the booking form.
Once your changes have been processed they are subject to the cancellation conditions above.